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Flickr Photo Joomla Module

    Get connecter to your Flicker account and effectively display your art world through a professional-looking website. This Module presents an excellent opportunity for webmasters to create a web platform that is easily appreciated and preached. Highly configurable and backed with a 24x7 Customer Support package. This module is cross browser compatible and works on all the modern browsers. Bug Free and works great! Compatible with Joomla 1.5.x , 2.5.x , 3.x.x. The Downloads Access and Extension Support is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

    Module Parameter Screenshot


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    Dock Menu
    Fancy Slide Down Menu
    Slide Out Image Menu
    Horizontal Mega Menu
    Drop Menu
    Bubble Navigation
    Fancy Mega Menu
    Responsive Menu
    Responsive Image Menu
    Responsive Multi Level Menu
    Youtube Style Menu
    Vertical Menu
    Dual Responsive Menu
    Restaurant Menu
    Accordion Menu Joomla
    Pop Menu
    CSS3 Hover Menu
    Responsive Right Sidebar Menu
    Testimonial Scroller & Fader
    Responsive Testimonials
    Responsive Smart Testimonial Slider
    Responsive Client Testimonials
    Responsive Testimonial Carousel
    Alpha Responsive Testimonials
    Social Bookmarking Plugin
    Twitter Fader
    Fancy Twitter Slider
    Social Icons Show
    Sleek Twitter
    Twitter Ticker
    Facebook Comments Plugin
    Facebook Like Button
    Online Support
    Google Plus Module
    Vertical Social Bookmarks
    Pinterest button
    Twitter Friends
    Twitter Fan Box
    Facebook Wall
    Pin Tweet
    Minimal Social Share
    Pin It
    All In One Social Share
    Social Vertical Sliding Tabs
    All In One Facebook
    Social stack Menu
    Twitter Scroller
    Floating Social Tabs
    Bubble Up Social Bookmarks
    Sexy Social Share
    Social Share Any Image
    YouTube Lightbox Popup
    My Twitter
    Twitter List Joomla Module
    Pinterest Feed Joomla Module
    Twitter All In One
    Responsive Social Sharing Buttons
    Responsive Sliding Social Share
    Specific Content Share
    Fast Social Share
    Social Content Locker
    Sexy Responsive Social Sharing
    My Slide Slideshow
    Easy Facebook Fanbox
    Twitter Follower Slider
    Facebook Likebox Slider
    Facebook Albums And Photos
    Social Photo Stream Networks
    Instagram Gallery
    Facebook Activity Feed
    Content Fader
    Fancy Popup Messages
    Browser Notification Messages
    Horizontal Content Slider
    JH Page Peel Banner
    Vertical News Slider
    Slide Ticker
    Fancy Scroller
    Fancy Scroll To Top
    Font Resizer Joomla
    Article Lightbox Module
    Compare Image
    Vertical Sliding Panel
    Fancy News Ticker
    Page Peel Pro
    Paginated News Slider
    Content Hover Box
    Wedding Invitation
    Fake Online pro
    Slide Note
    Quotes Rotator
    Modern Quote Display
    Pinned Stickies
    Sticky Panel
    Fancy Currency Convertor
    Article Popup On Load
    Readmore Joomla Extension
    Article Scroller
    Fancy Text Rotator
    Fluid Content Slider
    Multi Item Slider
    Compare Image V2
    Vertical Tabbed News Slider
    Horizontal Tabbed News Slider
    Multi Item Scroller
    Elaph News Show Joomla Module!
    News Boxs
    Tip Cards
    Travel Package Joomla Module
    Responsive Content Fader
    Fancy Team Page
    Responsive Content Slider with Pagination
    Fancy Team Page V2
    Fancy Team Page V3
    Facebook Like Lightbox Image Gallery
    Vertical Scrollable Item
    Responsive Horizontal Post Slider
    Responsive Tiny Content Slider
    Responsive Simple Content Slider
    Pintrest Style Content Showcase
    Article Font Resizer
    Pricing Table
    New Pricing Table
    Responsive Pricing Table
    Feature Table
    Flat Responsive Pricing Table
    Multistyle Responsive Pricing Table
    Image Cover Scroll
    Sequence 3D Coverflow
    Responsive Coverflow
    All In One Responsive Coverflow
    Featured Coverflow
    Carousel Slider
    Responsive Vimeo Coverflow
    3D Cover
    Skitter Image Slideshow
    Flex Image Slider
    Image Fader
    Vertical Accordion Image Slideshow
    Photo Stack Gallery
    Vertical Image Slideshow
    Cross Image Fader
    Elegant Image Slideshow
    Multi Style Slideshow
    Crafty Slideshow
    Fancy CSS3 Sliding Slideshow
    Show-off Slideshow
    Uno Image Slider
    Coin Image Slideshow
    Sleek Image Slide Show
    Elastic Slideshow
    3D Cover Flow Slideshow
    Trans Slideshow
    Vertical Carousel Slide Show
    Fancy Slider with Caption
    Dual Content Slide Show
    Play Pause Cover Scroll slider
    Snow Fall
    Flexible cover Scroll
    Camera Slideshow
    Sequence Image Slider
    Responsive Content Slide Show
    Circular Content Carousel Slider
    Responsive Image Slideshow
    Mosaic Slider
    Page Slider Joomla Module
    FlipBook For Joomla Module
    Circle Slideshow
    Rhino Slider For Joomla Module
    Thumbnail Scroller
    TouchGallery Joomla Module
    Big Slide Show Joomla Module
    Flow Slide Show
    Zup Responsive Image Slideshow
    Cycle Slide Show
    WMU Responsive Image Slide Show
    Responsive Corporate Logo Fader And Slider
    Slice Slideshow
    Multi Styles Thumbs Slider
    Fading Content Panel
    Vertical Right Thumbnails
    Infinite Carousel
    Flow Slider
    Rotating Billboard Image Slider
    Simple Responsive Slider
    Bottom Thumbnail Image Slider
    Revolve Slideshow
    IOS Touch Slider
    Berry Slider
    Photo Stack Pro
    Fancy Responsive Slideshow
    Very Simple Fade Slider
    Mega Slider
    Really Simple Slideshow
    Lemon Slider
    Content Flip
    Fancy 3D Box Slider
    Triple Image Slider
    Hovertext Image Slider
    3D Slice Slider
    Flying Grid Image Gallery
    Just Slider
    Fl Responsive Image Slideshow
    Conti Scroll Slider
    Fliper Image Slideshow
    Thumbnail Image Gallery
    Notebook Joomla Module
    Caption Menu Slideshow
    Zoom Slider
    7 in 1 Image Slider
    Flexi Logo Slider
    Drag Flick Slider
    Any Slider Joomla Module
    Responsive Flipbook
    Skitter Pro
    Mega Slider Pro
    Top Thumbnail Image Slider
    Vertical Tabbed Slideshow
    Vertical Caption Slideshow
    Slider Responsive Slideshow
    Diamond Image Slider
    Dot Slideshow
    Number Slideshow
    Start Stop Slider
    Moving Box Slider
    Immerse Responsive Slideshow
    Juicy Responsive Image Slideshow
    Smart Gallery
    Flipster CoverScroll
    Layer Flexslider Joomla Module
    Shutter Effect Image Slider
    Vertical Thumbnails Slider
    Minimal Photo Slider
    Silppry Responsive Image Slideshow
    Glide Touch Image Slider
    Responsive Content Slideshow
    Smooth Slides
    Fashion Responsive Slider
    Ken Burn Joomla Slideshow
    Responsive Modo Slider
    Responsive Ano Slider
    Easy Responsive Slideshow
    Portfolio Flipping Slider
    Lof JSlider
    Responsive Smooth Slider
    3 in 1 Image Slider
    Cool Responsive Thumbnail Slideshow
    Animated Image Slider
    Flipbook V2
    Bottom Thumbnail Responsive Slideshow
    tCycle Simple Slideshow
    BV Simple Slideshow
    Responsive FlipBook With Navigation
    Roll Slider
    Digital Slideshow
    3D Flow Style Module
    Responsive Layer Slider
    CSS3 Full Screen Slideshow
    Featured Content Carousel
    Bottom Thumbnail Simple Responsive Slider
    Responsive Minimus Slider
    Responsive Devrama Slideshow
    Responsive Devrama Thumbnail Slideshow
    Responsive Right Thumbnail Slideshow
    Responsive Content Image Fader
    Responsive Thumbnail Image Fader
    Responsive Background Image Slideshow
    Responsive Image Fader
    Foodmenu Slideshow
    Responsive Lean Slider
    Responsive Content Thumbnail Image Slider
    Responsive Logo Slider
    Responsive SKD Slider
    Responsive Zoom Carousel
    Responsive Tab Slideshow
    Left Tab Slideshow
    Simple Multi Slideshow
    Flexible Photo Gallery
    Skippr Slideshow
    Stage Slider
    Responsive Glam Slider
    Responsive Foto Slider
    Responsive CSS3 Slideshow
    Simple Cool Slideshow
    Responsive Partial Visible Slider
    All In One Responsive Thumbnail Slider
    Responsive Right Thumbnail Slider
    Divas Responsive Slider
    Wobbly Responsive Slideshow
    Magic Content Rotator Slideshow
    Responsive CSS3 Zoom Slider
    Fast Hover Slideshow
    Fancy Rotating Image Slider
    Flexible Responsive Image Slider
    Nex Full Screen Slideshow
    Art Design Slider
    Responsive Wan Slider
    Responsive JS Slider
    Responsive JR Carousel
    Responsive Flipbook V2
    Responsive Grid Slider
    Responsive Background Slideshow
    Responsive Fullscreen Background Slider
    Responsive Auto Fading Background Slideshow
    Background Video Player
    Rcarousel Image Slider
    Horizontal Image Slider
    Horizontal Image Slider With Lightbox
    Liquid Carousel Image slider
    Cool Carouse Image Slideshow
    Horizontal Carousel lightbox
    Hero Carousel
    HoverPause Image Scroller
    Responsive Touch Enabled Carousel
    Db Carousel
    3D Carousel
    Film Roll Scroller
    Elasti Responsive Carousel
    Responsive Touch Carousel With Lightbox
    Horizontal Image Slider with Zoom
    Pop Text Image Carousel
    Amazon Style Item Scroller
    Image Slider With Vimeo Lightbox
    Horizontal Big Image Scroller
    Rondell Carousel
    Easy Carousel
    Responsive Horizontal News Slider
    Responsive Horizontal News Scroller
    Book Shelf Slider
    Start Stop Carousel
    Vertical Accordion Flash Carousel
    Double Side Responsive Carousel
    Responsive Navigation Carousel
    Responsive Caption Navigation Carousel
    Responsive Video Content Carousel
    Nonstop Slider
    Responsive Lightbox Carousel
    Football Team Page Carousel
    Awesome Responsive Thumbnail Carousel
    Responsive Sleek Carousel
    Responsive Image Fader Carousel
    Simple Responsive Carousel
    Thumbelina Content Slider
    Responsive Thumbnail Navigation Carousel
    Lens Slider
    Responsive Brazzers Carousel
    Horizontal Scrollable Carousel
    HTML5 Multi Support Video Gallery
    HTML5 Mp3 Player Joomla
    HTML5 Audio Player (V1)
    HTMl5 Audio Player (V2)
    HTML5 Audio Player(V3)
    HTML5 Audio Player (V4)
    HTML5 Video Player
    Youtube Video Gallery
    Vimeo Gallery
    Easy Youtube
    Fancy Youtube Video Gallery
    Responsive Youtube Gallery
    Responsive Vimeo Gallery
    Easy Youtube Lightbox
    Responsive Audio Player(Single V1)
    Responsive Audio Player(Single V2)
    Responsive Audio Player (Playlist)
    Vimeo Lightbox
    Sound Cloud Player
    Slider With Lightbox Video
    Responsive Youtube Video Player
    HTML5 Audio Video Player
    Responsive Music Player With Playlist
    Shoutcast Stream Audio Player
    Icecast Stream Audio Player
    Fancy Responsive HTML5 Video Player
    Responsive Youtube Video Slider
    Vimeo Slider
    Easy Responsive Video Slider
    Responsive Video Accordion
    Responsive All In One Vimeo Slider
    Responsive HTML5 Video Player
    Vertical Slider Youtube Lightbox
    Responsive HTML5 Video Player(New)
    Advance Youtube Video Player
    Responsive Thumbnail Youtube Gallery
    Unite Responsive Thumbnail Youtube Video Gallery
    Responsive Simple HTML5 Video Player
    Responsive HTML5 News Ticker Video Player
    AJAX Contact Form
    Request A Quote
    Ajax Contact Pro
    HTML5 Tabs
    HTML5 CSS3 Accordion
    HTML5 Portfolios
    Multi Color Accordion
    Fancy Accordion Pro
    Fancy Tabs
    Sliding Tabs
    Vertical Collapsible Tabs
    Animated CSS3 Tabs
    Vertical Popping Up Content
    Vertical Tabs (OLD)
    Vertical Image Tabs
    Fancy Vertical Accordion
    Dynamic Accordion with Carousel
    Sticky Sidebar
    Vertical Tabs (NEW)
    Responsive Image Accordion
    Vertical Content & Image Shift Accordion
    Horizontal Tabbed Slideshow
    Content Image Accordion
    Responsive Tab Joomla Extension
    Easy Responsive Image Accordion
    Responsive Vertical Image Accordion
    Responsive Tabs Pro
    Sleek Responsive Tabs
    Vertical Down Image Accordion
    Vertical Image Accordion
    Pure CSS3 Horizontal Accordion
    Pure CSS3 Vertical Accordion
    Responsive CSS3 Accordion
    Responsive Horizontal Accordion
    Responsive Vertical Accordion
    Responsive Slide On Hover Accordion
    Responsive Tab Slider
    Responsive Lightbox Accordion
    Responsive Content Accordion
    Advance Responsive Tabs
    EZ Tabs
    Simple Tab Accordion
    Multi Marker Google Maps
    Store Locator Module And Component
    Easy Google Maps
    New Store Locator
    Google Maps Location Slider
    Responsive Store Locator
    Multimarker Pro Joomla Component
    RSS Ticker
    RSS Scroller
    RSS Feed Slider
    RSS Feed List V1
    RSS Feed List V2
    Fancy RSS Tabs with 25 Styles
    Rss Feed Tab
    K2 Fancy Tabs
    K2 Fancy Accordion
    Horizontal K2 Content Accordion
    Colorbox Image Gallery
    Fancy Multimedia Joomla Plugin
    Superbox Image Gallery
    Fancy Box Image Gallery
    Easy Image Gallery
    Slidedown Lightbox Gallery
    Flickr Lightbox Joomla Module
    Rotating Photo Gallery
    Chill Image Gallery
    Responsive Image Gallery
    Lightview Image Gallery
    Picbox Image Gallery
    Flickr Slider
    Picasa Slider
    Pretty Photo Image Gallery
    Flickr Feed
    LastFM Feed
    Flickr Image Gallery
    Picasa Image Gallery
    Featherlight Image Gallery
    Venbox Lightbox Gallery
    3D Flipping Gallery
    Responsive Smooth Lightbox Gallery
    Vanila Lightbox Image Gallery
    Visual Lightbox Gallery
    Restaurant menu Image Gallery
    Slip Hover Image Gallery
    Polaroid Image Gallery with Lightbox
    Multi Gallery Lightbox
    Responsive Lightbox Gallery
    Animated Caption Hover Image Gallery
    Galleriffic Thumbnail Slideshow
    CSS3 Hover Effects Image Gallery
    Responsive Filter Photo Gallery
    Responsive Thumbnail Lightbox
    Responsive Caption Lightbox Image Gallery
    Caption Hover Image Gallery Lightbox
    Pure CSS3 Responsive Lightbox Gallery
    Responsive Chocolat Image Gallery
    Easy CSS3 Photo Albums
    Easy CSS3 Hover Effects
    Feather Text Lightbox Image Gallery
    Responsive Superbox Image Gallery
    Responsive PopUp Gallery
    Fancy Google Fonts
    No Right Click
    Exit Popup Joomla Extension
    Christmas Tree
    360 Degree Image Viewer
    Count Down Timer (v1)
    Count Down Timer (v2)
    Count Down Timer (v3)
    Count Down Timer (v4)
    Count Down Timer (v5)
    Count Down Timer (v6)
    Count Down Timer (v7)
    Count Down Timer (V8)
    Count Down Timer (V9)
    Count Down Timer (V10)
    Vertical Timeline
    Digital Clock
    Timeline Viewer
    Easy Time Liner
    Count Up Timer
    Scrollable Timeline
    CSS3 Digital Clock
    Responsive Countdown Timer
    Responsive CSS3 Timeline Viewer
    Prootex Timeline Event Slider
    Responsive Cool Countdown Timer
    Responsive 3D Cube CountDown Timer
    Scrolling Weather Show
    Simple Weathershow
    Easy Weather Show
    All In One Weather
    Weather Feed
    EU Cookie Alert v1 Demo
    EU Cookie Alert v2 Demo
    EU Cookie Alert v3 Demo
    Eu Cookie Alert V4 Demo
    Eu Cookie Alert V5 Demo
    Responsive EU Cookie for Joomla
    Responsive Cookie Plugin
    Multi Language Cookie Extension
    Fancy Tool tip
    Color Tooltip
    Simple Tooltiip
    JQuery Panorama Viewer
    Easy Panorama
    Touch based Panorama
    360 Degree Panorama Viewer V1
    360 Degree Panorama Viewer V2
    All Side Panorama
    Multi Panorama Viewer
    Auto Panorama Viewer